Sveinung Hølmebakk is a members of the vocal group Nordic Tenors. In 2016 he released his seventh solo album. He is an acknowledged and influencial writer of christian songs in Noway. Sveinung Hølmebakk's music is a mix of opera, gospel and folk, and his lyrics are deep and heartfelt. With his expressive and powerful voice he touches his audience in a special way. Sveinung Hølmebakk lives in Kristiansand, in the south part of Norway, and he is born in 1977.


He holds a Masters degree in singing from the Grieg Academy in Bergen, and he also studied musicology at the NTNU University in Trondheim and the University of Oslo. He has participated in numerous programs on norwegian television.


Humour is an important part of Sveinung's concerts, which has lead him into releasing two joke books in norwegian. Together with the Nordic Tenors he won the Comedy Award in Norway in 2006 and was musical toastmaster for His Majesty King Harald of Norway on his 70th birthday in 2007.